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Re: IDL and UNIX setenv

Paul van Delst wrote in message <3B2E3157.F8C80B51@noaa.gov>...
>I think you might need to add the path to your default .profile/.login/.cshrc/.whatever
>(which I am assuming you're not doing - I really can't tell from "I tried to append the
>/usr1/guest/bin/ directory to my UNIX path before starting an IDL session")

That did it!  I'm starting IDL through csh, so extending the PATH through 
.cshrc did the trick.  (You assumed correctly...I had been extending the
path via setenv at the csh prompt.)

>I *think* when you use SPAWN, the subsequent shell in which the SPAWN command 
>argument is executed is *not* the one you started IDL in and therefore has no 
>knowledge of what you may have explicitly defined. The same sort of thing 
>happens in make files in Unix.

I think you're right...thanks for the tip!