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template for READ_ASCII

Greetings all,
I am a newbie so bear with me.

I want to read csv text files all having the same size and format but with
elements having different numerical values. Each row is composed of 5
numbers, longs and floats, arranged in columns such that each column has
numbers of the same format. Each file has the same number of rows.

If I create a template with ASCII_TEMPLATE and apply READ_ASCII, it works
great. I can do this from the command line or from a procedure. When the
procedure reaches the ASCII_TEMPLATE call, it puts up the GUI with its
subsequent pages and the program continues fine after I select the "next"
and "finish" buttons.

My question is, can I save the template somehow so I don't have to
regenerate it with ASCII_TEMPLATE each time I restart IDL and  want to read
new tables? I realize I only have to run ASCII_TEMPLATE once each session
but I would like to make this completely automatic and so I don't have to
manually go through the GUI each day. It is not a really big deal but I am
getting greedy. 

Thanks for any help or suggested better approaches.

Bob Fugate