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Re: clever trick for reading .mat

Wendy Ermold <wermold@apl.washington.edu> writes:
> Hello!
> I would really love it if someone out there has an idl script for
> reading matlab created .MAT files. I understand that matlab doesn't want
> us to know how to do this, but I bet someone out there has managed it.
> Your help would be greatly appreciated!

I haven't heard of such a thing for IDL.  I do have code which reads
IDL SAVE files, but they are not the same thing.

You might be better off asking the Octave mailing list, after first
checking the list archives.  Octave is very similar to Matlab.

Also, the first thing I found on Google when searching for "matlab
file format" was a document from Mathworks specifying the format.
Some secret!  In a pinch you could write a program to do what you
need, especially if you only need a few data types.

Good luck,

Craig B. Markwardt, Ph.D.         EMAIL:    craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu
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