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Using IDLffDXF

    I'm trying to generate a DXF file using the IDLffDXF object and methods.
I don't seem to be able to set the thickness or connectivity attribute of
the polyline entity (I haven't tried other entities yet).
    If you use the IDL example code from IDL help which generates
mySquare.dxf, and interrogate the oDXF object (using oDXF->GetEntity())
directly after the "oDXF->PutEntity({IDL_DXF_POLYLINE})" command, the
thickness attribute is set back to the default of zero. Also the layer
attribute is the default value of '0', even if you modify the code to
explicitly generate a layer named 'myLayer' beforehand. The same problems
occur using polylines where dxf_type=7.
    Applying a correct connectivity array to a polyline of dxf_type=7
results in the DXF error message"DXF Polyline: explicit connectivity
ignored", even though the default connectivity array which is present in the
object after the error, is identical to the my attempted assignment.
    Has anyone any knowledge of these problems and hopefully a way around

Jon Lapington