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Re: Magnetic Local Time

In article <Pine.LNX.4.33.0107101249520.4805-100000@snoe.colorado.edu>, Ken Mankoff <mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu> writes:
> Hi Everyone,
> I'm looking for help calculating Magnetic Local Time. I have experience
> with magnetic lat/lon coordinate systems (specifically, CGM), but not MLT.
> If anyone can give me some assistance, code, URL's or other resources, I
> would be grateful.
> Thanks,
>   -k.

I have a DLM for UNIX which implements IGRF and the NSSCDC GEOCGM library.
One of the parameters caclulated by GEOCGM is the UT of MLT midnight.
See http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/space/cgm/cgm.html for details.

If you are interested I could probably package this up for you with some
basic installation instructions.

Nigel Wade, System Administrator, Space Plasma Physics Group,
            University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7RH, UK 
E-mail :    nmw@ion.le.ac.uk 
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