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Re: Events in IDLDrawWidget

Kristine Hensel wrote:

> Bert Bierman wrote:
> > But I get the motion-response after I released the button.
> > How can I get motion-events during the buttonpress state?
> Do you have motion events turned on for the draw widget? e.g.
> Widget_Control, info.DrawID, Draw_Motion_Events=1

Hello Kristine,

Well I had them turned on, but I learned from your question you have to
turn them on
also inside the event-handling routine. e.g. in the button_press.
I made a test_events which calls the events based on the press and
using: widget_control, wid, event_pro="test_event"
If used within IDL that does the trick.

Sadly if using the same code from VB it seems like VB is holding
all the events until no more events are generated and then sends all the
It also does not use the already mentioned test_event-routine.

So no solution ........yet.


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