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Re: FAQ?

Marshall Perrin wrote:

> Does this group have an up-to-date FAQ, and if so, where? Searching for
> IDL FAQ on Google just returns various FAQs from the early to mid 90s.
> There's gotta be something more recent out there, right? Thanks.
>  - Marshall

I believe the most recent FAQ is at

which seems to have been most recently updated around June 2000.    Still,
for FAQ about IDL programming, my first stop would be David Fanning's
"IDL Programming Tips & Tricks" page at
http://www.dfanning.com/documents/tips.html and my second stop would be to
check the comp.lang.idl-pvwave archives on Google.    My third stop would
be to check the IDL Tech Tips page at
http://www.rsinc.com/services/prodspec.cfm?product=ID . Eventually, I
might check an IDL Library search page, such as the one at
http://www.astro.washington.edu/deutsch/idl/htmlhelp/index.html  , and
then an annotated list of IDL libraries such as the one I keep at