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Re: FFT in a 2D variable in only one direction

julio_maranhao@hotmail.com (=?ISO-8859-1?Q?J=FAlio_Maranh=E3o?=) writes:
> I just realized that I can't use the FFT function in just one
> specific dimension. Of course I can use loops, but since the
> procedure when doing an FFT of a 2D variable is a line by line
> aproach followed by a column one, might the people from RSI
> implement this?
> Any hints? Or should I continue with the loops?

Nothing comes to mind offhand.  My guess is that the FOR loop is not
going to kill you.  The rule is, do a lot of processing in each
iteration, and usually an FFT will be enough of a CPU load to
accomplish this.

Good luck!

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