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Re: Huge HDF files

Hi Sean,
ENVI should open this size of file - I am currently working on MASTER data
that is delivered as 800MB+ HDF files and I can open it fine in both ENVI
and IDL. Make sure your "Memory Usage" settings in ENVI are set up
correctly, and that you have the latest service packs installed.

"Sean Raffuse" <sean@me.wustl.edu> wrote in message
> Is there a limit to the size of file you can bring into IDL?
> I am interested in some new satellite data that comes in at 270mb per HDF
> file.  I got an error when I tried to open it using ENVI, so I was
> if it was just too big for IDL to handle.  Somehow, I doubt it.
> The related question:  Is there a similarly helpful newgroup for ENVI?
> Thanks,
> Sean Raffuse