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Re: PostScript with smooth lines from object graphics?

While we are on this lovely subject, I'll ask a ? too. How does OG
create a PS vector output so that the entire rendered OG visual is one
object? What I mean, when you draw to PS device from DG and open it in a
vector image application like Illustrator, you can access individual
characters, axes, plots etc. When you use clipboard object with /Vector,
everything is together and there seems to be no way to separate PS
items. This in fact limited my use of OG, so I had to write something up
to dump the results of OG visual into DG and then use the PS device.
Of course, all the above stems from my lack of dedication to make IDL
figures perfectly fitted for publications. While it is ok to write code
for data *analyses*, I dislike re-writing the code to try to get correct
CMYK output and scale figures. There are programs that allow a lot more
intuitive control of that.