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Re: Carriage Returns in IDL Text Widget

Thanks for the replies! The widget was indeed set to one character high
(YSIZE=1). The odd thing is that I set this up in the GUI Builder and it
doesn't appear to allow me to set the YSIZE to anything BUT 1 (the option in
the properties dialog is grayed out and 1 is entered). So I guess I just have
to remember to go back and set that value anytime I change anything in GUI
Builder and recreate the *.pro file.

Thanks again for your help!

Alex Schuster wrote:

> Dan Fletcher wrote:
> > I've searched through Google groups and seen this question asked a
> > number of times, but I haven't seen an answer anywhere and I'm hoping
> > someone out there can help me. I have a Text Widget and want to write
> > some info to it. I can't seem to send it a carriage return, so all of
> > the text winds up on one line and out of the space supplied by the
> > widget.
> >
> > Here's the widget definition (I've also tried it with the /WRAP keyword
> > and have had the same problem).
> >
> >       ,SCR_XSIZE=168 ,SCR_YSIZE=163 ,XSIZE=20 ,YSIZE=1)
>                                                  ^^^^^^^
> Well, your text widget has only one line, is that really what you
> intended? If yes, skip the APPEND keyword, and you'll always see the
> last string you sent to the widget. Or you can increase the YSIZE, then,
> with the APPEND keyword, the new strings start at a new line.
> >   TextString='File: '+EEGFileName + STRING(13B)+STRING(10B)
> I think IDL doesn't care about CR+LF here. To add multiple lines, just
> use a STRARR, or put the single strings there one after another, with
> the /append keyword.
>         Alex
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