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Re: Carriage Returns in IDL Text Widget

Dan Fletcher wrote:

> I've searched through Google groups and seen this question asked a
> number of times, but I haven't seen an answer anywhere and I'm hoping
> someone out there can help me. I have a Text Widget and want to write
> some info to it. I can't seem to send it a carriage return, so all of
> the text winds up on one line and out of the space supplied by the
> widget.
> Here's the widget definition (I've also tried it with the /WRAP keyword
> and have had the same problem).
>       ,SCR_XSIZE=168 ,SCR_YSIZE=163 ,XSIZE=20 ,YSIZE=1)
Well, your text widget has only one line, is that really what you
intended? If yes, skip the APPEND keyword, and you'll always see the
last string you sent to the widget. Or you can increase the YSIZE, then,
with the APPEND keyword, the new strings start at a new line.

>   TextString='File: '+EEGFileName + STRING(13B)+STRING(10B)

I think IDL doesn't care about CR+LF here. To add multiple lines, just
use a STRARR, or put the single strings there one after another, with
the /append keyword.

  Alex Schuster     Wonko@planet-interkom.de