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Re: PostScript and pixmap

David Fanning wrote:
> Rick Towler writes:
> >
> > If you are new to PS output with IDL I suggest David Fanning's IDL book.
> > You might also want to check out Liam Gumley's new book too.  Both are
> > available thru Amazon.
> I've been waiting in vain for someone to mention
> PSConfig, the best program I've ever written, but
> alas Ben Tupper and Martin Schultz are the only
> ones I know who use it. :-(
> But PSConfig will solve *all* your PostScript
> problems, I personally guarantee it. :-)


I did once use PSConfig, but lately I've noticed it has gone the dark
side of object graphics.  For people who (still) have 8-bit displays,
this can be an annoyance, when the color frenzy begins, and you've only
just tried to print.  Is there a replacement up to date version still
using direct graphics?