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Re: base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?

"JD Smith" <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> wrote in message


> Paul van Delst wrote:

[...more stuff]
> >
> > JD Smith wrote:
> > >
> > > And to point out the obvious, there's no reason you can't make
> > > widgets also objects, rather than having an all-in-one object widget
> > > design.  You might then have a larger object interface which
> > > (i.e. includes) the sub-objects directly, perhaps creating them
> > >
> Just think how little restful break-time you'd get in a day if not for
> overly compact programmatic mechanisms.
> Objectingly(ively?) yours,
> JD
> P.S. My one line object tutorial:
> objects->DoThings, withstuff, LIKE_STRUCTURES=only_smarter

If you're writing applications of more than a couple hundred lines and
you're not using an object-based event handler described by JD earlier,
you're missing the revolution.

And if you're writing class functionality that *relies on* the
IDL widget system, you're missing the next revolution.  A GUI is no
more than an accessor to class data and methods.  With sufficient
forethought in design, IDL classes should be able to interact with Ion, VB,
C++, perl, python or any other front-end.

Think outside the widgets.

Jim P.