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Re: base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?

Marc Schellens wrote:
> > WOOHOO! That did it! Inserting the UPDATE in the following code fixed the problem.
> >
> > You're a star! This problem was annoying the crap outta me to the point of tossing and
> > turning at night.
> >
> > Onya!
> >
> > paulv
> Thanks,
> I have to pass the compliment to Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan,
> actually I think I got it long time ago from Davids page Alex
> mentioned below (but didn't remeber from where I had it).
> Anyway, good that it helped you!
> But was astonishes me is, that you use the update BEFORE
> the base is realized.
> I didn't know that update makes a difference then.
> What I do not understand in your program is,
> why you first unmap the base during creation
> and then map it when realizing?
> Until a base is realized (= brough to screen) mapping didn't matter
> (at least for the tlb).

I unmap the top level base right at the start so I don't see the final GUI being
created widget by widget in front of me - it was interesting to watch but didn't
look very nice. Unmapping then mapping at the end makes the complete widget just
pop up when it has finished being created/assembled.

> OR: Might it be that in the real program the realizing is done before
> and
> so the realizing there is unnecessary (which would also explain the
> astonishing effect of update to non realized widgets)?

Each separate compound widget function realises *and* registers the widget using
XMANAGER. I did this so that when I killed the top level base, the cleanup
routines for all the child compound widgets would be called. If I don't do a 

XMANAGER, id, 'widget_name', /JUST_REG, CLEANUP = 'widget_name_cleanup'

in the compound widget creation functions, then I am left with a bunch of
dangling pointers - that used to be in the compound widget's top-level base user
value - hanging about afterwards. The XMANAGER call in *each* compound widget
creation function was the only way I could get stuff cleaned up in a
heirarchial-type of way. I want to keep the information structure for each
compound widget separate in it's own top-level base user value (rather than
shoving everything in the god-base uvalue) as I envisage these routines to be
usable on their own, not just as a component of a container GUI.

If anyone has a better method of doing this please let me know. I couldn't
figure out how to make the child widget cleanup routines (for the compound
widgets) "visible" unless I put in separate XMANAGER calls.

Maybe I should just stick everything in the god-base id...... I gotta sit down
and think about this a bit more....


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