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Re: closing widget window


Thank you for the tip. 

I have the habbit of copying and pasting from my old code without 
checking the specifics. The tlb_frame_attr was set to 8 in my 
original code, and this explains why the default button never did show 
up. This is a good lesson for me:) 


David Fanning (david@dfanning.com) wrote:

: It has been ages since Apple squandered all their
: good will with me, but I can't believe this little
: box doesn't come up by default. Are you sure you
: are not doing something in your code to prevent it?
: Applying the TLB_FRAME_ATTR keyword will prevent these
: kinds of things on Windows platforms. I'd look for that
: keyword in your code.

: Best Regards,

: David

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