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Re: base widgets growing uncontrollably.... ?

> WOOHOO! That did it! Inserting the UPDATE in the following code fixed the problem.
> You're a star! This problem was annoying the crap outta me to the point of tossing and
> turning at night.
> Onya!
> paulv

I have to pass the compliment to Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan,
actually I think I got it long time ago from Davids page Alex
mentioned below (but didn't remeber from where I had it).

Anyway, good that it helped you!

But was astonishes me is, that you use the update BEFORE 
the base is realized.
I didn't know that update makes a difference then.

What I do not understand in your program is,
why you first unmap the base during creation
and then map it when realizing?
Until a base is realized (= brough to screen) mapping didn't matter
(at least for the tlb).

OR: Might it be that in the real program the realizing is done before
so the realizing there is unnecessary (which would also	explain the
astonishing effect of update to non realized widgets)?