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Re: Zoom-like procedure

You are right. However, it appears one must also add the keyword SAMPLE or
all but the last row of the enlarged pixels will contain a number of
gradient levels proportional to the dimensions of the array being expanded.
The first time I tried this I had the scale factors wrong -- not integer
multiples of the dimensions of the array and I didn't use the sample
Thanks, again for your help. This solves my problem.


> Bob, 
> Isn't this exactly what REBIN does?  It replicates pixels.  The value
> of this BLOWUP:
> blowup = rebin(img(0:15,0:15), 16*nscale, 16*nscale)
> is a new array with NSCALE times as many pixels in each direction as
> the original 16x16 subimage.  Then of course you have to TV it onto
> the screen.  :-)
> Craig
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