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Re: Overlaying filled contour plots

Hi Simon,

    I once did something like this using the MIN_VALUE keyword. Basically, the
idea is to "blank" out all values from each of the contour data sets that you 
don't want to see, by setting them to something (NaN or -9.99e30 or so), then
call contour with /Overplot, min_value=-8.e30


Simon de Vet <sdevet@is2.dal.ca> writes:

> I have two sets of data for a series of points.  One set indicates the
> values of a certain parameter, the others are the values of another
> parameter.
> Is there a way to overlay two filled contour plots? I'd like, for
> example, to have one of the values plotted in red, the other in blue,
> with purple (or another colour) where they overlap. These contour maps
> have two levels each (on and off), so I don't need to worry about shades
> of red or shades of blue. I just need conours for four states: both on
> (purple), both off (white), one on other off and vice versa (red and
> blue).
> Any ideas?
> -- Simon

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