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Re: OnExpose in ActiveX

> I would guess you haven't turned EXPOSE events
> on for the draw widget, therefore they are not
> being generated:
>    drawid = Widget_Draw(baseID, ...., Expose_Events=1)
> Cheers,
> David

No I haven't.
I understood that since I use it through the IDLDrawWidget 
ActiveX-control you are not supposed to do widget_control
in the idl-code.

When you use it is seens to override the setting in VB.
But then I get the same problem when I turn it off in VB.

I rebuild the slicer3-program so a slice from a volume is
drawn in an other window.
Appearently "painting" both images takes too much time
and the procedure is not finished when the next event in the
main window fires. Although I catch the events which have the
same coordinates.
I get a: "% Temporary variables are still checked out - cleaning up.." 


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