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Re: Using C++ DLM's With IDL?

Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> writes:
> Hi Nigel and K.--
> I suspect that the C++ runtime system must be initialized before you
> can run a C++ module.  I am not sure how this is done, and probably it
> is rather system dependent.  The problem is that IDL is not a C++
> program, so this C++ initialization never occurs.  I am not sure
> whether it is or is not possible to do this at dynamic load time.  Or
> if, such initialization happens automatically with dynamic loading.
> An acceptable alternative may be to have your C++ module be a separate
> program, and communicate with IDL using pipes (ie, SPAWN, ...,
> UNIT=unit).

It may be that the streams like cout/cerr etc need to be initialized,
as well as any static instances of classes, but not much else (?).  It
may be possible to rewrite the code to avoid using these features?

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