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Re: PostScript and pixmap

David Fanning wrote:
> JD Smith writes:
> >
> > I did once use PSConfig, but lately I've noticed it has gone the dark
> > side of object graphics.  For people who (still) have 8-bit displays,
> > this can be an annoyance, when the color frenzy begins, and you've only
> > just tried to print.  Is there a replacement up to date version still
> > using direct graphics?
> Yes, for people still on the dark side, it is
> a problem. There is no practical way to combine
> direct graphics and object graphics in the same
> program on an 8-bit display. The two graphics
> systems just use colors in completely different
> ways, which (by definition) will cause havoc
> with the one physical color table.

So, given this difficulty, is Object Graphics really necessary in
PSConfig?  It seems to draw some boxes, etc., but nothing requiring OG
(as far as my limited knowledge of the latter allows me to infer).  Is
there a version laying around using DG?