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Re: PostScript and pixmap

JD Smith writes:
> So, given this difficulty, is Object Graphics really necessary in
> PSConfig?  It seems to draw some boxes, etc., but nothing requiring OG
> (as far as my limited knowledge of the latter allows me to infer).  Is
> there a version laying around using DG?

Oh, man, that little thing with the sizing of the
plot window over in the "PostScript" window is
the *heart* of this program. I wouldn't use it 
without that neat little feature! :-)

(Not to mention it took me a LONG time
to figure out how to do that!)

But, the whole feature *is* confined to a
single PLOTWINDOW object, so it would be
easy enough to subclass the draw method,
I suppose, to allow for direct graphics.

But probably not worth it for the 2-3 people
still stuck with 8-bit graphics (Linux users?). :-)



P.S. Let's just say I've gone about 6 months now
without saying DEVICE, DECOMPOSED=0, which I took
to mean we had finally gotten the whole world
over into the 24-bit graphics world. I should have
known better. 

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