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Re: matching fields in ascii or text files.

Are you attempting this in IDL? Or is it a general data handling
question? It seems to me that TXT file and ASCII is the same kind of
file. To compare the columns by scrolling them in a window, Excel will do.

Patrick McEnaney wrote:
> Folks, suggestions needed for going about the following problem:
> I have columnar oceanographic data in two different data files. One is
> a txt file, the other ascii. I want to compare depth values in a
> column from one file to depth values in a column from a second file,
> then write all values associated with a specific depth in other
> columns such as temperature, conductivity, nutrients, etc, to another
> file. Should I attempt some sort of boolean expression to search
> through the two files to match values or is there a more efficient
> method that someone can suggest?
> Thanks,
> Patrick