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Re: Objects with Widgets, Save/Restore

David Fanning wrote:
> That is to say, you find yourself sitting
> in some object method scratching your head and
> thinking to yourself that you sure wish you could
> have a peek at that object over *there*, because
> then life would be a whole lot easier.

This is where you create a superclass. It doesn't need to even have much
in the way of data structure, maybe one string field "Goal: 'Made to fix
my older objects'". All it will take is inserting "inherits" into your
existing multiple classes, and restarting IDL. And that superclass will
have "spying" methods sharable by all your existing objects, with unique
names of course. Also, *only* this superclass will have "prune-reattach"
methods used by the older objects.

> All you really know
> is that there are a few more gray hairs every
> morning when you look in the mirror. :-(

Now *that* is not IDL-related. I just start cutting hair shorter :-)