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Re: 3D Object IDL ?

You might want to look into 3d shutter glasses.  They work by alternately
rendering a left and right eye view to the screen while simultaneously
covering the opposite eye by darkening the lens.  All of this is done at the
driver level so you don't have to render your two views by hand.

I would start with a consumer level product.  Both Elsa (glasses are called
Revelator) and Asus (glasses are called VR Spectacle) make glasses that work
with some of their graphics cards for the PC.  The glasses tend to be a
little flimsy and aren't the most comfortable but they are cheap and a good
place to start with this sort of thing.  They do work quite well but I know
some people that get headaches or sick to their stomachs using them.

If you decide that shutter glasses are the way to go, you can start looking
for a more professional product.  I know they exist but I just haven't
gotten that far.

good luck!

-Rick Towler

"George Millward" <ghm@appleonline.net> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I am wanting to generate full 3D output from IDL object scenes.  I can do
> this offline (i.e., create two different views in which the "eye" is
> for left and right view).  But I want to be able to do all this fully
> interactively.
> So my setup would be:
> Computer running IDL - output to (maybe) 2 graphics cards - > 2 projectors
> (with polarised filters) and then viewed using 3D (polarised glasses).
> In practice therefore I need a system for outputting 2 slightly different
> images (left and right) of the same scene.
> Does anyone know how to do this ? Are 2 graphics cards required or can it
> done with one ?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> George Millward.