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Re: polar contours over maps

in article b73826cc.0108070214.5a799c57@posting.google.com, Ann Webber at
ahw199@soton.ac.uk wrote on 8/7/01 6:14 AM:

> I am trying to plot a set of polar contours over a map. I have used
> the map_set command and have set the map extents using the limit
> keyword. When I come to plot the contours on the map I have been using
> the overplot keyword, but it says that my value of latitude is out of
> range, and the contours do not appear as the should over the map.does
> anyone know why this is happening and what I can do about it?
> thanks 
> Ann
Hi Ann,

I suspect that you have the pole included as the limits, correct?  Try
recontouring the data without including 90 (or -90 if you are southern
hemisphere).  Make the max something like 89, that usually works for me.

I think this behaviour is described in the on-line documentation but I just
looked and couldn't find it.


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