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CMSVLIB Library - Read and Write SAVE Files

CMSVLIB - Read and Write IDL SAVE files

This library allows interactive users and programmers to read, write and interrogate IDL SAVE files.

Interactive users will probably appreciate the ability of CMSAVEDIR to list the contents of a SAVE file without restoring it. They will also probably use the /APPEND keyword of CMSAVE to append additional data to any SAVE file.

Programmers will probably use the library to write their own data, and to read user's existing data. The library provides higher-, middle- and lower-level routines for reading writing and querying a SAVE file.

NOTE: the previously available files PROTRANS and PRODIS have been permanently removed.

Questions and Answers

High Level Routines

CMSAVE and CMRESTORE are drop-in, but more featureful replacements to the built-in IDL SAVE and RESTORE procedures. CMSAVEDIR allows you to print the contents of an existing save file without actually restoring it, and also to interrogate the contents of the file programmatically.

Mid Level Routines

CMSVREAD and CMSVWRITE provide simple routines that read and write data from a save file. These routines are as easy to use as READF and PRINTF.

Low Level Routines

There are a number of low-level routines available to advanced programmers. CMSV_OPEN is used to open save files for reading and writing (the normal CLOSE is used to close the file when finished). CMSV_RREC and CMSV_WREC read and write most record types from a save file. CMSV_RVTYPE and CMSV_RDATA read a variables type and data respectively; CMSV_WVTYPE and CMSV_WDATA perform the equivalent writing function.

CAUTION: Users are advised that this software is provided at no charge and with no warranty whatsoever.

  Research Systems, Inc. has issued a separate license intended
  to resolve any potential conflict between this software and the
  IDL End User License Agreement. The text of that license
  can be found in the file LICENSE.RSI, included with this
  software library.
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CMSVDOC - Unofficial Documentation of IDL SAVE File Format

I have documented what I have found out about "normal" IDL SAVE files, i.e. ones that store data and variables, not compiled procedures. This document is about 21 pages long and chock full of tables and narrative describing all aspects of the SAVE format.

This document also gives an overview of the CMSVLIB library for manipulating, reading and writing IDL SAVE files. Note that none of this information is condoned or provided by Research Systems Incorporated. I have discovered the information purely based on my own creative work, on my own personal time.

You can access this document in several ways:

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