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Markwardt IDL Library

Here is a library of IDL software procedures that I am making available to the general public. You are free to download and use them as you wish, however please obtain permission before redistributing.

Major News

2017-01-03 Update TAI_UTC for Jan 2017 leap second. Other small improvements to MPFIT.
2016-05-19 CMPFIT 1.3 is released with small fixes and improvements.
New function MPFITCOVAR: for solving problems with correlated errors; i.e. measurement covariance matrix instead of simple weights or error bars.
TAI_UTC: new leap second added for year 2015! Minor bug fixes for PLOTIMAGE, GTISEG, EOPDATA, QTFIND, MPFIT, TDB2TDT.

This News page has less recent and lower priority news.

IDL Programs

You can choose selectively by category below, download a single monolithic program archive, or browse the full listing.

Curve Fitting and Function Minimization - Robust non-linear least squares curve fitting (MPFIT), statistical tests, specialized peak fitting functions, and non-linear optimization (TNMIN) Read and Write SAVE Files - Library to read, write and interrogate IDL SAVE files (CMSVLIB); read and translate compiled IDL procedures; documentation of IDL SAVE file format.
Graphics Programs - Display an image using a PLOT-like interface; display colorful bar charts; plot three dimensional data as a cube; plot fixed- or variable-width histograms Mathematics - Adaptive numerical integration (Quadpack); Chebyshev approximation and interpolation; (Modified) Cholesky factorization of a symmetric matrix; QR matrix decomposition; Manipulate quaternions
Printing Utilities - One-click printing (Unix); configure Postscript layout; enhanced XWINDOW Introspection - Generate a type description or "help" description of an IDL value; compute type information for tags in a structure; unofficial documentation for ROUTINE_NAMES
Ephemeris & Timing - Interpolate the positions and motions of planets (JPL ephemerides); read and interpolate geopotentials; calculate relativistic clock corrections in the solar system; compute relativistic velocity additions; compute high precision earth orientation angles; compute leap seconds. Array / Set Operations - Hash tables; Manipulate 1-D Intervals (GTIs); compute the fast product of a large array; efficiently insert / delete elements in an array; perform set operations on numbers and strings; generic replacement for IDL's REPLICATE; apply generic function to array
Input / Output - Capture a transcript of console output; read ASCII tables quickly; construct path names; read and seek on pipes/URLs like normal files (Unix) Miscellaneous - Unique identifiers; Command line debugging made easy; compute and convert between time representations; maintain a one-line status line (Unix/ANSI); improved image interpolation

Full Archive

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Jan 03 2017689 kb cmtotal.tar.gz  
Jan 03 20172044 kb cmtotal.txtAggregate Documentation  
Dec 06 20031 kb INSTALLInstallation Instructions  

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