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No, no, not again!

<Rant mode on>

As John Krist mentioned, one particularly painful aspect of new IDL
version releases is the way they almost invariably break some
existing, well-functioning code (even when written in the most kosher
way for previous versions), especially widgets.

Sadly, I just discovered (yet) another one of these instances.  The
"new and improved" handling of modal widgets is the culprit in this

Modality used to be the method of choice whenever a widget program
needed to return something - this made sure the widget program didn't
"fall through" the XMANAGER call and return before the answer was
finished - no matter how complex the task. 

(Note that for such applications, it's not very meaningful to switch
modality on or off through a keyword - if you're returning data
through return values or output parameters, you *should never*
return to the caller before you're finished).

With the old system (xmanager,....,/modal), modal widgets could have
any level of complexity - no questions asked.  With the "new and
improved" system (widget_base(...,/modal)), RSI has changed the
meaning of modality!

Modality is now apparently meant exclusively to make braindead
*dialogs*. When I say braindead, I mean braindead as in "less than an
application".  Indeed, more like just an "Abort/Retry/Fail?" question
than an application!

Let's say I have application A, which may call application B in order
to massage some of the data "owned" by A. Naturally, I want to be
able to shut off application A until B is finished, since the state of
the data in A may be "undefined" while B is working on them. So,
application B should be modal. Fine.

The problem is that if application B needs to have "auxiliary"
widgets, those widgets now have to be modal! (Since their group leader
is modal - check the doc's for widget_base/group_leader keyword).

But I don't *want* those to be modal! I want to have my analysis program
work, *and* have the auxiliary widget launched from it work at the
same time. I want my auxiliary widget to exist in peace and harmony
with application B, letting the user control the state of the color
scaling method continuously while using application B!

I can't see any way of doing this the new way, and it's a serious flaw
in the "new and improved" modal method (widget_base(...,/modal))!

But the *worst* thing is that this could be done in version 4 with the
old modality (xmanager,...,/modal), and now it's ^%#^%# broken!  If I
start a non-modal widget alongside a modal application, the non-modal
widget doesn't register any events. It can't even use the window
manager to close the window! This is on { alpha OSF unix 5.1.1 Jul 20

(Though through some *weird* mechanism, clicking and dragging the
mouse in a draw window in the non-modal widget a few times somehow
manages to "wake" it up for a while, but I guess this is a bug
somewhere, not a feature!)

Below is an example program. To demonstrate the effect, start it with
"IDL> test", press "Push to start new (modal)", then press "Push to
start new (nonmodal)" on the new widget. The last widget appearing
(#3) is all "dead" on my machine, while #2 is alive. #3 does disappear
though, when I exit #2. One funny thing is that #3 dies with #2, even
when I do *not* propagate the information about the group leader from
the caller (#2)...??

I do hope that RSI will give the old functionality of the
xmanager,....,/modal call back (5.2 ??? I guess I'm too late).  It's
just too silly not to be able to write modal widgets of any level of
complexity. I know that it's *possible* to write workarounds for this
(like doing manually the things xmanager used to do when I want
widgets to be modal in the now unsupported way), but that's too 
silly as well. My programs used to work, and now they don't!

<Rant mode off>


Stein Vidar

Test program: --------------------------------------------

PRO test_event,ev
  CASE uval OF 
     'NEWN': test,group=ev.top
     'NEWM': test,/modal,group=ev.top
     'QUIT': widget_control,ev.top,/destroy

PRO test,modal=modal,group=group

  IF n_elements(group) NE 1 THEN  b = widget_base(/column) $
  ELSE                            b = widget_base(/column,group_leader=group)
  bb = widget_button(b,value='Push to start new (modal)',uvalue='NEWM')
  bb = widget_button(b,value='Push to start new (nonmodal)',uvalue='NEWN')
  bb = widget_button(b,value='Push to exit',uvalue='QUIT')
  IF keyword_set(modal) THEN xmanager,'test',b,/modal $
  ELSE                       xmanager,'test',b