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Re: No, no, not again!

Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan wrote:
> <Rant mode on>
> Sadly, I just discovered (yet) another one of these instances.  The
> "new and improved" handling of modal widgets is the culprit in this
> case.
> Modality used to be the method of choice whenever a widget program
> needed to return something - this made sure the widget program didn't
> "fall through" the XMANAGER call and return before the answer was
> finished - no matter how complex the task.
> With the old system (xmanager,....,/modal), modal widgets could have
> any level of complexity - no questions asked.  With the "new and
> improved" system (widget_base(...,/modal)), RSI has changed the
> meaning of modality!

<more comments and example code snipped>

Along these same lines, I have always disliked the limitation that
you can only use the WIDGET_BASE(..., MBAR=menu_widID ) keyword
for top-level base widgets. This precludes the use of this handy
feature for any widget that might need to be called from within
another widget...quite a limitation in my opinion.

Was this done to make this compatible with Windoze? Please say
it ain't so!


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