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Re: change widget slider maximum dynamically?

Rob Dimeo (robert.dimeo@nist.gov) writes:

> No doubt someone has probably figured this one out some time ago.
> However can anyone help me with using the widget slider control?  In
> particular I would like to be able to set the maximum value of the
> widget slider dynamically (i.e. after the slider has been realized).  I
> would like to set the maximum value of the slider at the conclusion of
> reading in a data set.  Since a new data set may contain a different
> number of "groups" then the first one then it would be ideal to simply
> update the maximum in the slider.

I was just looking at a piece of code I have that does
exactly this. I resorted to destroying the old slider
and recreating a new one with a new maximum value. 
I'm not a big fan of destroying any widget except the
top-level base (I guess because I got hurt so bad
when widgets first came out years ago), but this 
worked wonderfully well in my Windows application
and I think it is reasonably safe to do now on 
most platforms.



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