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Re: change widget slider maximum dynamically?

Jason Brookes (jason.brookes@rmsb.u-bordeaux2.fr) writes
(after translation, please turn your HTML code generator
off, Jason!):

> Is it not just a case of using Widget Control's "set_slider_max"
> keyword ? eg:
>   WIDGET_CONTROL,(*(*ptr).widget_info_ptr).slider,SET_SLIDER_MAX = new_max_value
> Incidentally, the online IDL (5.2) help states that...
> "Note: This keyword does not apply to floating-point sliders created with
> the CW_FSLIDER function."
> This is not actually true, it applies equally well
> to floating-point sliders. RSI just haven't got 
> round to changing their documentation yet. (I think 
> it was David Fanning who pointed this out originally,
> which is why his above response puzzles me a little... 
> seems a little long-winded?).

Whoops! Indeed. This is a case if I don't write it 
down and make a tip out of it for my web page I
promptly forget it. :-(



P.S. "Old-fashioned" and now "long-winded" in
the same week. I think I'm going to start looking 
for other work. Ten plus years with IDL is enough!

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