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Troubleshooting - Error Messages.


I'm hoping to benefit from the experience of all you wise people out

I often find that I make small mistakes when typing in code to IDL
eg: I forget to put a comma after 'print',
I forget that if I have two 'for' statements I need TWO 'endfor'
I forget to put continuation and concatenation symbols in batch files.

These are pretty serious errors in that IDL has no idea what I mean,
but pretty simple errors in that I only need to add another comma (or
whatever) for everything to run like a dream (in theory...!)

I find the Error Messages provided by IDL unhelpful
('% Syntax Error.' tells me very little about what's up).

Is there some standard procedure for dealing with compilation errors?
(I mean errors that prevent a file compiling)

I know an experienced user can just look at
print n
and say/think 'There should be a comma there.'

Is that what it boils down to, IDL tells you Where the error is, and
you work out What the error is, by recognition or something?

I find it really frustrating that I have to keep going back to the
book/webpages for every little typying mistake....

Oh, and I'm using the Student Vresion if that changes anything.

Thank you very much,

Vicky A.

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