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Re: vector print bug ?

Dr. Udo Grabowski (grabow@darkstar.inka.de) writes:

> In idl 5.3 there is the new IDLgrPrinter class with the Draw method
> for vector plots: 
>                 Printer = OBJ_NEW ('IDLgrPrinter', vector=1)
>                 Printer -> Draw, Scene
> The output is supposed to be an eps file, but we are not able to print 
> or view or include this plot (yes, it has a 'showpage' at the end) with
> any tool available to us. We tried several options, but nothing helps. 
> Is this a possible bug ? Or belongs it to that class of scrap Windows 
> believes to be PostScript (we are using Unix: OSF, Linux, and Solaris, 
> of course) ?

Not sure what documentation you are reading, but my documentn
doesn't say anything about sending output to a file at all.
It says that output is sent to the printer in vector (as opposed
to bitmap) form. Of course, you might be able to re-direct the
output to a PostScript file if your Dialog_PrinterSetup will
allow it. (My Lexmark printer setup allows all kinds of things,
including redirection to a Postscript file, but encapsulated 
PostScript is not among them.)

And, in addition, my documentation says to use the VECTOR
keyword as a keyword to the DRAW method:

   Printer = OBJ_NEW ('IDLgrPrinter')
   ok = Dialog_PrinterSetup(Printer)
   IF OK THEN Printer -> Draw, Scene, vector=1

When I do this I find I get significantly faster rendering
to the printer. :-)



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