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Re: Contour plots on xz and yz surfaces

In article <130620001151050524%k-bowman@null.tamu.edu>, K. Bowman
<k-bowman@null.tamu.edu> wrote:

> I'm looking for something like the library routine PLOT_3DBOX to draw
> multiple contour plots on the inside surfaces of a box.  In fact, I
> would like to overplot the contour plots on a PLOT_3DBOX plot.
> CONTOUR has a ZVALUE keyword that allows one to position an "xy"
> contour plot in the z-dimension, but AFAIK, there is no similar
> "XVALUE" or "YVALUE" keyword.
> Can anyone provide an example of how to draw a contour plot on an "xz"
> surface in a 3-D plot?

I solved my own problem.  One way to do this is to contour each of the
planes separately, saving the contour coordinates.  Draw the 3D plot
and then plot each set of contours, specifying the x-, y-, and z-
coordinates.  If anyone is interested, I'll post some code.