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Re: passing arguments to a .sav file

<deckard_007@my-deja.com> wrote in message
> Hi,
> does anyone know whether it's possible to pass arguments to an exported
> .sav idl-runtime file ? I cannot find anything about this in the
> documentation.
> I want to be able to use my idl-program totally not interactive and I
> thought a .sav file would be the best way.


Someone else may have a more definitive answer, but this is a PC-specific
solution for a sample IDL runtime application App.sav:

; Calling IDL runtime with parameters from DOS:
;    <AppDir> is directory containing App.sav
;    cd <AppDir>
;    C:\RSI\IDL53\bin\bin.x86\idlrt.exe
;    ^---------your-path-here---------^

Good luck!


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