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Re: passing arguments to a .sav file

Hi again,

The word-wrapping in my last posting didn't help at all. Let's try again:

Call IDL runtime with by issuing these commands to a DOS shell:

CD <AppDir>          (where <AppDir> is directory containing App.sav)

C:\RSI\IDL53\bin\bin.x86\idlrt.exe app,'a-passed-string',parm1=42,/parm2

^---------your-path-here---------^ ^-ABSOLUTELY-NO-SPACES-ALLOWED-HERE-^

This launches IDLRT, calling the procedure 'app' which it finds in app.sav,
passing the three parameters as if it were done from the IDLDE command line.
I could not find a way to get around the no-spaces restriction, perhaps
someone can make a suggestion.

Sorry for any confusion arising from my previous posting.


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