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Call for Political Action (Was: Top 10 List)

Liam E. Gumley (Liam.Gumley@ssec.wisc.edu) writes:

> For the last two weeks I've been reading about the dozens of features
> people want to add to IDL from the simple (adding a complement to WHERE)
> to the very complex (adding a new command-line friendly object-based
> graphics system), and the resulting discussions about implementation
> details. I know RSI people read this newsgroup, but I don't expect them
> to put features into their flagship product based on our online
> ramblings (how many posts in the last couple of weeks had 'Top 10' in
> the subject line?).
> Is it reasonable to expect one person (even David) to prioritize all
> these requests into a Top 10 list? Where do you even start? I suggested
> that you ask RSI directly because I believe if you send them a very
> specific request, you have a much better chance of success. If I was
> running a software company, I'd take a notice of 20 formal email
> requests for a specific feature (e.g. the WHERE complement).

Hear! Hear!

Assuming these requests are logged (I am assured they
are) this could be an effective strategy. Perhaps
we are wasting our time with the Top 10 List and should
start an ol' fashioned grassroots letter writing campaign.
(Takes me back to my younger days when I was fighting
groundwater contamination. It worked then, it can work

I suggest we pick one topic as a test case, and see
if we can force some action. Should we vote? Or just
storm the Bastille? :-)

I think a complement to the WHERE function is a reasonable
request (it has more votes in the Top 10 list than any
other suggestion), although I personally favor a TV 
command that will work properly on all platforms, under
all conditions.

What say you? Freedom!! Action!! To Arms!!



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