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Re: Call for Political Action (Was: Top 10 List)

David Fanning wrote:
> I suggest we pick one topic as a test case, and see
> if we can force some action. Should we vote? Or just
> storm the Bastille? :-)
> I think a complement to the WHERE function is a reasonable
> request (it has more votes in the Top 10 list than any
> other suggestion), although I personally favor a TV
> command that will work properly on all platforms, under
> all conditions.

Being a proponent of the crawl-walk-run progression, I think the WHERE
function complement is a good start. It should be easy to do and it will
give me a warm fuzzy when/if we see results. Once we know this sort of
avenue of communication really *is* open, then the more involved
requests ("fixing" TV) can be made.

Is it worth - or is anyone even interested - in forming a loosely held
together IDL Users Request Committee (to be affectionately referred to
as "The URK") consisting of the more, ehem, senior or experienced
posters to this group?  Everyone can send $5 to the committee who will
also organise a series of rolling IUG picnics across the US (or world?
Cool.). New talent can be fostered by providing a (small) scholarship to
those young/student types that contribute significantly to the
advancement of IDL. (What about Mr. Hadfield...he sounds young or maybe
it's just coz he's up to speed with objects in IDL? Sorry David, your
website picture disqualifies you on the young count.  :o)

> What say you? Freedom!! Action!! To Arms!!


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