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Re: Dynamic menus on base widget using MBAR

David Fanning wrote:

> I'm surprised to learn that button UVALUES are the "most
> conventional way" to learn which button was selected in
> event handlers, since I only rarely use this method. I
> prefer to use the button value itself, since this value
> is always obvious to me when I look at the button and I
> need all the visual clues I can get when I am writing
> programs. :-(

I am sorry. I am replacing the "most conventional way" in my post with
"RSI recommended way". This way, David will be not out of step with
everyone else but, on the contrary, ahead of the pack and diverged from
the evil way :-)

P.S. To get at least a tiny bit of my trashed reputation back, I'll say
that I do use Value of button widgets to determine which one sent an
event. However, I am really old-fashioned when it comes to other widgets
and use their Uvalue. I admit to using cw_pdmenu for menu items, when I
needed an easy, no-tricks menus. Sorry. I am disqualified :-(