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Re: DEM and DLG in SDTS

 The SDTS Home Page provided some help. A HEX dump provided the most
help, as most of the file and record headers are all in ASCII.

 I am able to read and display the DEM/SDTS with IDL. Next task - the


Sylvain Carette wrote:

> Glad you say old format was "simple"... :-)
> They provide lot of links for sdts specifications and source code for
> reader but probably you already know those.
> Just in case here anyway:
>  SDTS Home Page
> especially: Public Domain software  where you'll get  Support software
> for programmers  for C and C++ library which you can "translate" to
> idl if you feel for it or perhaps just complile them and use as
> external module - sdts++  SDTS++ Home Page  can be compiled with gnu
> g++ so probably the easiest (and free) solution.
> I didnt have to use this format (yet) but I'll agree with you that it
> look very complicated.
> Sylvain Carette
> VRML designer-composer
> Kelly Dean wrote:
>>  The discussion about DEMs earlier got me thinking about it again.
>> Especially, after working with some recent MODIS imagery.
>>  Has anyone been successful with reading the 7.5 min DEMs and the
>> DLGs
>> in the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format? USGS has a big
>> archive of DEMs and DLGs online, but in this binary SDTS format. Not
>> the
>> simple ASCII files I have worked with in the past.
>> Kelly Dean