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Re: DEM and DLG in SDTS

Glad you say old format was "simple"... :-)

They provide lot of links for sdts specifications and source code for reader but probably you already know those.
Just in case here anyway:
 SDTS Home Page
especially: Public Domain software  where you'll get  Support software for programmers  for C and C++ library which you can "translate" to idl if you feel for it or perhaps just complile them and use as external module - sdts++  SDTS++ Home Page  can be compiled with gnu g++ so probably the easiest (and free) solution.

I didnt have to use this format (yet) but I'll agree with you that it look very complicated.

Sylvain Carette
VRML designer-composer

Kelly Dean wrote:

 The discussion about DEMs earlier got me thinking about it again.
Especially, after working with some recent MODIS imagery.

 Has anyone been successful with reading the 7.5 min DEMs and the DLGs
in the Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS) format? USGS has a big
archive of DEMs and DLGs online, but in this binary SDTS format. Not the
simple ASCII files I have worked with in the past.

Kelly Dean