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Finding Memory Leak ?

I am starting to lose hair over this one.  I  recently noticed that when I
close my program, two pointer variables remain which I am reluctant to
remove using   PTR_FREE, PTR_VALID()

I have checked every line of code where I create a new variable using
PTR_NEW and I always properly used PTR_Free on it.  I also use the DICOM
method GetValue alot (which returns a pointer to the data) but always use
/NO_COPY so the pointers point to actual data within the object which should
get properly removed when the object is destroyed.

Anyone care to give any advice how I can find the source of the bug ?  I
have been trying to print out all the valid pointers (ie. print,
PTR_VALID() ) between Function/Procedure calls to determine when the 2
pointers come alive but this is very tedious (and so far unsuccessful) !!

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