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Re: Finding Memory Leak ?

in article 8qduob$eh6$1@canopus.cc.umanitoba.ca, Richard Tyc at
Richard_Tyc@sbrc.umanitoba.ca wrote on 9/21/00 2:32 PM:

> I have checked every line of code where I create a new variable using
> PTR_NEW and I always properly used PTR_Free on it.  I also use the DICOM
> method GetValue alot (which returns a pointer to the data) but always use
> /NO_COPY so the pointers point to actual data within the object which should
> get properly removed when the object is destroyed.

Two things cross my mind right away.
1. Are you creating a subclass of the DICOM object? If so, you have to call
the cleanup method directly from the child object. If you don't then any
pointers created by the parent will not be freed.
2. Are you creating the DICOM object more than once so that when you destroy
it only the last one is destroyed?


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