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Re: Log axis tickvalue format

In article <39C86511.2F90372F@uni-bayreuth.de>,
Markus Reichstein  <markus.reichstein@uni-bayreuth.de> wrote:
>I'm not aware of a simple and elegant solution, i.e. without doing
>everything by yourself. However, the following short procedure might
>serve as a starting point, albeit far from being mature. . I needed it
>once, and it was OK for my purposes.
>Every order of magnitude is labeled, which causes space problems if the
>data range is more than 10 orders of magnitude or so. Then the number of
>'tickVals' has to be reduced
>PRO logPlot, x,y
> ..... [ stuff deleted ] ......

This kind of thing really amazes me! I would guess that most users would
want such a feature built in. 

It is my candidate for the 'wish list' that was recently discussed.

Thanks for the help. I had come to a similar workaround, but the state
of affairs is, IMHO, ridiculous!

Surendar Jeyadev         jeyadev@wrc.xerox.com