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Re: projecting a PLOT onto wall of SURACE

In article <8upi7r$ik5$1@soap.pipex.net>,
  "Jaco van Gorkom" <gorkom@rijnh.nl> wrote:
> With a little help from the t3d procedure:
> surface, your_data, /save
>     ; saves it's transformation matrix to !p.t
> t3d, /yzexch
>     ; exchanges the y and z axes of the transformation
> plot, your_subset, /t3d, /noerase, zvalue=1
>     ; 1 should be the "back wall"
> I cannot get the plot axes to overlap exactly with the surface axes,
> somehow. But I could move it around using the "position" keyword.

Thanks, Jaco.

A slight variation of your suggestion got me on the right
track.  Turns out that using one of the "side walls" both
makes more sense in terms of the data and also reduces clutter.
So I use /xzexch or some other exchange.  I had guessed that
/??exch would come in handy, but I forgot "zvalue=1" so things
were mess'd up.

I had another problem, tho.  When I used the POSITION command,
I got perfect axes but blank or half-blank data, but when I left
out the POSITION command, the data were all there, but way too
big (i.e. I really needed POSITION without the disappearing act).

Because of the switch to using the side wall instead of the
back wall, this problem went away because my scaling needs
changed totally.  This raised another teeny weenie problem, which
will appear on another thread ;-).

Thanks also, Paul.  I see your point.

-- Andrew

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