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Re: histogram crashes (example code)

Here is a main level code that does crash IDL 5.3.1 on WinNT4 SP5
So if anyone cares to see if it runs on other platforms, please
let me know how it works out.


; An example of histogram error crashes (kills IDL 5.3.1, Winnt)

;create fake data
nscan = 1624
nwide = 76
lat = randomn(seed,nwide,nscan)*50

;create NANs in data
ind = randomu(seed,43293L)
ind = ind(UNIQ(ind, SORT(ind)))
ind = ind*n_elements(lat)
lat(ind) = !values.f_nan

; create binning ranges
latrange = [-70,-20]
deltalat = 4

;offending histogram call
hlat = histogram(lat(*),binsize = float(deltalat), min =float(latrange(0)),$
 max = float(latrange(1)),REVERSE_INDICES = R,omax = omax,omin=omin,/nan)