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>>>>> "JDS" == J D Smith <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> writes:

JDS> It does sound good, and I had made some (apparently vacuous)
JDS> promises to turn out something of this sort.  And yes David, the
JDS> title was certainly going to contain the word "Idiot".  What I
JDS> thought would really be neat was an illustrated guide with screen
JDS> shots accompanying the written descriptions.  Perhaps a third
JDS> party effort would lend more credibility (and permit me to
JDS> graduate).  I'll keep it in mind.  (Of course, Carsten, being
JDS> infinitely more productive than most mortals, will likely churn
JDS> something out in the wee hours tonight)

Don't bet on it - we have a holiday here, and tonights wee hours are
not for you.

However, I think Craig has a point in saying that a tutorial for the shell
is missing.  I don't think something fancy like JD has in mind is
really necessary.  Rather I am thinking of a few pages which
introduce a small but realy world piece of code.  The tutorial should
make the user type the code in (pacticing indentation and routine
info).  Then launch the shell, compile, debug and run the code.

When I find time....

- Carsten

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