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Re: ps export/import

"Wim G. Bouwman" wrote:
> Another easy way in an windows environment is to read the IDL produced
> post-script files in Correl-draw and after correcting your graph's (making the
> lines thicker, annotating the graph and putting the numbers on the axis at the
> correct positions) it can be exported in WMF-format.

Since you mention WMF, I thought I'd mention that IDL 5.4 supports a
Windows Metafile graphics device (set_plot, 'METAFILE'). It might be
just the thing for producing graphics files which can be insrted into
presentation applications such as Powerpoint. The advantage of WMF files
is that they can be resized without loss of resolution, and they are
recognized by Powerpoint on both Windows and MacOS platforms (and
presumably by StarOffice as well).

However for insertion into documents (e.g. Word) I still create
Postscript files in IDL, and then convert them to EPS with TIFF preview
in GSView. David has written a nice article which describes the method I